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Related article: Date: Mon, 7 Jan 2002 21:31:28 -0800 (PST) From: randy nmorb Subject: After The MovieWow, for a first time submission I sure got some instant comments (enjoyed), and a request as to tell what happened after the movie, after Reggie went home, after I met that marvelous man who sucked my young cock to Preteen Toplist Xxx a "dry" nutsack. This then is what happened when I met the man called Ray behind the theater after the movie.I was still a bit wary when I went to the rear of the theater, but true to his word, my new found admirer was there waiting. Wary or not, I was horny & hot, and eager for a repeat performance. He introduced himself as Ray, said he worked for a local auto dealership, was married, but had always loved to suck cock, so he would make excuses to get out to go on the hunt for any hard, hot cocks he could suck. This was back in the 50s, people like him had to be very careful.....therefore he felt places like the neighborhood movies presented some of his best oportunities, especially when young, hot cock like mine came into the mens rooms. He said he was very careful, but he also could tell when a young guy like myself was hot & horny. He was sure dead on the money about me.He said that he didn't have his car this night, but if I was up to it, he knew of a quiet, dark, safe place about a block away. I told him I would go with him, to lead the way. The place was a local furniture store that was closed for the evening, and in the back there was a small enclosed yard where the delivery & trash was handled. It had a 8' foot wooden fence around it, with a gate just off the alley. Once inside the fence and back in the corner by the trash bin we were compleytely out of sight, and with just a minimal glow from the street light it was perfect.Once we were there, he wasted no time at all; his hands went right to my crotch & ass, lightly rubbing, carressing. My cock was getting so hard, so wet.....I knew I must be staining my shorts.He whispered, " I told you I would show you a much better time than in the mens room, now let me prove it ".His one hand was working the buckle of my belt as the other started to unbutton my fly. The belt was now open, the top of my pants unbuttoned, he slid my pants to the ground. He slwly kneeled in front of me and proceded to place his mouth upon my shorts, surrounding my rock hard cock, breathing his hot breath right through the fabric. His fingers went to the top of my shorts, and he slowly eased them down off my hips......releasing my cock from his mouth long enough for it to Preteen Toplist Xxx be uncovered, it slapped against my belly, and then he quickly recaptured it with his mouth, as he worked my shorts to my ankles with my pants.I was on fire, shaking & moaning, as I heard him murmur, "now baby, now, come to poppa ". In one swift downward motion my cock was totally buried in his lover mouth, I could feel his nose in my cock hairs. I swear my cocks head had to be in his throat, I could feel his throat muscles squeezing & releasing, was he doing that ?! Then he started to slip his mouth upwards, dragging his tounge along the bottom of my throbbing shaft, until he was at the top.....but not letting my cock out of his mouth, as he whipped his tounge all around my hot swollen cock head. Just when I thought I couldn't take that much more, his head was pluging downwards again. Up & down, up & down, swirl the tounge, up & down....I was on my way to the moon. His one hand was cupping my aching nuts, his other hand rubbing me everywhere at once; inside my legs, in & out my ass cheeks, fingers through my cock hairs..... I was burning with lust, my knees shaking uncontrolably it seemed. In my young life I had never known such lusty sensations. I never wanted it to stop.But it was just too much for me to control. He was holding my nuts, he must have known, for he buried my throbbing cock deep in his loving, sucking mouth & throat, as I cried out, "oh damm, I'm going to cumm, I...can't....hold.. it back, oh, oh, here it is, mmmmmmmmmmm ". It felt like the end of my cock was a gigantic spigot that was opened full, as great surges of my young, hot, cumm exploded into his throat.... spurt, spurt, spurt, glob, glob, spurt, spurt. I felt as if he was sucking my insides out into that furnace mouth of his. My knees didn't feel like the could support me, but then they didn't have to, for he had his shoulders between my legs, keeping me firmly against the wall as he drained every last drop I had to give. And then it was over, my prick was eased back from his mouth, he held it lovingly in his hand.He stood up, still holding my prick, and said, " did I keep my word, was it great for you"?"Oh God yes", I managed to croak out."Do you think if you rest a little, you'd like to have me do it again", he asked ?"Oh, yes, yes", I hissed."Would you like to hold me once while we wait, I'd really enjoy that ?", he said." I....well, I.....", was all I could stammer, but when he guided my hand down to his dripping cock (he had it out while he was doing me ), I found my hand wrapping itself around his fullness. I was very mixed with this new feeling, but I didn't let go after he took his hand from mine."Don't worry", he assured me, "I won't force you to do anything.....that can come in time if YOU say so, but for now, just this much feels wonderful".So there we stood, stroking one another, it was a new plane of enjoyment. After just a short time (it seemed), he murmured, "enough, I want that beauty right now", and he immediately went to his knees, my cock was once more buried deep in that love furnance of a mouth. And so he once more sucked me to "the moon".We must have been there for a couple of hours. I was able to get it off for him more than I thought possible for me. He said something that night that I was too young & inexperienced to comprehend (then)..... he said, "my God, I think I could love you. I didn't know what to make out of that (then).I soon had to get home, for it was now as late as the last show.....and that was to be my excuse to my parents (not unusual for me). Before we parted he made sure I had a phone number to contact him, and it was put to use I'll tell you. On occasion, he would even come upon me walking the streets, in one of his fancy cars, and we would go off and park somewhere, and.... well you know !I hope this provides some memories for you. Would enjoy hearing.
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